Grande Star Firepit


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Avantta Creations ensures that the future will take shape in your home with the all new Standing Fire-Pit. The piece stands upright and is narrow by design. The Fire-Pit is miraculously accommodating for homes that are of the cozy nature, saving in room while not losing any warmth from the Fire-Pit. The hexagon shape combined with the upright nature, allows for a mesh grill to be used at the top to roast all your favourite foods.

The Standing Fire-Pit is a flatpack design which means portability is on your side. You can take this camping and the added space saving will give you no second thoughts about your purchase.
The straight angular workings of the Fire-Pit will be an extensive contrast to the people who surround the Fire-Pit and the licks of flame that emerge from the pit.

  • Always be cautious and keep a close eye on children when the fire pit is in use.
  • Never leave the fire pit burning and unattended.

Please read the full Avantta Fire pit Safety Guide inside the packaging. If you would like to receive a copy via email please indicate order number  in the contact us form.

*Standard shipping rates apply to Melbourne Metro Area, other places may be subject to additional charges * Delays may occur due to external factors beyond Avantta’s control, in these circumstances we will notify you if possible.

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