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Benefits of Choosing Different Types of Stylish & Luxury Coffee Tables for Your Office Space in Melbourne

Coffee tables have been a common presence in homes in Melbourne. It is quite logical to have a convenient spot to set magazines or drinks. Over the years, however, the styles and materials used in coffee tables have evolved and there is an abundance of options in the market for all you coffee table lovers out there. The major types of coffee tables are classified into 4 and are:

  • Storage Coffee tables: These contain shelves, pockets, or drawers beneath the table surface. They are more functional and are generally made of wood. The storage space assists in the easier and quicker clearing of the surface (all you got to do is to chuck everything into the drawer). The storage also gives the place a cleaner and clutter-free look.
  • Solid Wood Coffee tables: When there are no poor-quality materials like plywood or veneer used in the construction of coffee tables, there will be more sturdiness and beauty to it. The solid wood coffee table can last longer and still retain their quality and beauty. The grain of the wood is highlighted in a solid wood coffee table and that adds a touch of elegance. Moreover, it requires incredibly low maintenance as well, and will last for many years due to their timelessness and durability.
  • Designer coffee tables: Designer coffee tables give manufacturers to show off their creativity with materials and form. Marble, glass, and wood are usually used to mould different shapes and mix materials. Designer coffee tables are the ones to choose if you want a unique and modern look.
  • Industrial-looking coffee tables: Anything with metal can usually sport an industrial look to it. Anything from galvanized pipes to reclaimed tin can be used in the modern industrial decor. Wood and glass are weaved in the display and solid wood is often chosen by manufacturers due to their quality and durability, regardless of taste or trend.

Types of Coffee Tables We Offer:

Avantta Creations prides itself on the wide range of stylish and functional coffee tables on display. They include:

  • Marble coffee table
  • Lift top coffee table
  • White coffee table
  • Square coffee table
  • Outdoor coffee table
  • Luxury coffee table

We understand how finishing touches can make or break a room. A coffee table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture to ever grace your living room, and it usually is the most used piece of furniture in the home. Choose Avantta Creations to have the best selection of coffee tables, designed by celebrated designers in Australia.Call us on 1800 988 340 to learn more about our exciting range of coffee tables. You can also submit an enquiry form via our contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.