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Fire pits for Sale in Melbourne – Buy at a Competitive Rate

Australians love to enjoy their evenings with their friends and family. Having a little gathering around the crackling fire during a chilly winter evening is an unbeatable experience. Whether it is a campfire, a backyard gathering, or just to keep you warm, you can find every kind of fire pit you want at our store.

In order to get an ideal fire pit for your home, you first need to understand the characteristics of each of them, their purpose and what they are. At Avantta Creations, we have fire pits made of superior quality materials, in different types, sizes, and prices for homeowners in Dandenong, Rowville, and Melbourne.

Types of Fire pits We Offer

Having a fire pit in your backyard is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also gives you an entertainment space for your friends and family. Whether you need sophisticated, big fire pits or just a small, compact DIY one, you can find them all with us. We have a wide range of fire pits for the backyard that can be customised according to the theme and space of your backyard area. You can find fixable ones or portable ones so that you can move them around, if need be, to create a beautiful ambience and warmth to your outside area.

When you are planning a camping trip, packing up the essentials and camping gear can take up all the space. If you’re looking for a fire pit that is easy to pack, assemble and clean, then our flatpack fire pits are your answer. Most of our fire pits come in not more than 5 or 6 pieces and they are extremely easy to assemble and use while on a camping trip. These camping fire pits have a black oxide finish and do not warp under high temperature. You can simply fit them in a bag and take them with you anywhere you go.They are compact, easy to use and carry around, and come in different sizes and shapes.

Some types of fire pits we sell are:

• The Void fire pit
• Outdoor flare fire pit
• Outdoor Bermuda fire pit
Hex fire pit
• Grande Star Outdoor fire pit
Hedron fire pit

These offer the authentic experience of having a campfire with the crackling and the smell of firewood. Some of our fire pit models can be used as a grill by placing the grill on top of the fire pit, which can be used for cooking.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Fire pits

Safety: Outdoor fire pits are safer, especially when it comes to the ones using natural gas or propane. There is no risk of a gas leak or smoke from the woods causing suffocation. Indoor fire pits do offer warmth during cold winter days but are a risk in extinguishing the flames in case of a fire outbreak.

Weather: Indoor fire pits are used only during rainy or winter conditions. But outdoor firepits can be used in any weather if you need some extra heat or for a BBQ party or your camping trip.

Events: Outdoor fire pits and parties are more appealing, no matter what the number of guests is. Whereas indoor parties around the fire pits are usually preferred only during the winter or rainy season such as Christmas party.

Space: Because of the limited space inside, indoor fire pits cannot go above a specific size. Whereas outdoor fire pits can be customized into an entertainment space, however, you want.

Ventilation: Indoor fire pit causes a lot of smoke and gas and will need a chimney or vent, which will add to the installation costs. Outdoor fire pits do not need one.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Fire Pit in Melbourne

You can make your patio a luxury retreat and make those winters enjoyable again with an outdoor fire pit. A fire pit on your patio makes space enjoyable all year long. Here are a few reasons why a fire pit can be a valuable addition to your home in Melbourne:

Multi-seasonal: A fire pit needn’t be a seasonal amenity. A cold night isn’t far along and a nice fire pit to sit near can feel like you’re sitting in a hot tub. Apart from giving warmth, it can provide numerous other benefits as stated before.

Unique Appeal: An outdoor fire pit is a sure-fire way to create a unique appeal to any backyard or patio. Fire pits elegantly state that this is home and has an innate ability to calm our nerves and help us relax. It just might be the most inviting asset on your property. Fire pits have been even proven to promote relaxation and decrease blood pressure.

Social Hotspot: Nothing promotes a social gathering or a long and fulfilling conversation than a fire pit. Humans are intrinsically drawn to fire and an outdoor fire pit is the best centre piece for any outdoor party or gathering.

Closer to nature: As humans, we feel calm and composed when we are close to nature. Fire pits give us the exact feeling of closeness to nature, even if it is an indoor one.

Versatility: A fire pit can fit in with any patio or backyard and there is a fire pit available at Avantta Creations that can fit in with any kind of space. It can accommodate different interior styles regardless of how modern, rustic, or traditional it might be. If wood-burning fires are not acceptable legally at your place, portable propane fires can be used. They are smokeless and can be used where wood burning is banned.

Fantastic Kitchens: Fire pits are a great place to cook food. It is not recommended to cook on propane fire pits though because grease and fat dripping down gas vents can cause damage to them.

Value addition: A well-built patio and fire pit can increase the value of your property considerably. Every new owner would love a fire pit that they didn’t have to buy, build, or install themselves.

Affordability: Fire pits can suit all sorts of budgets without compromising on quality. It is possible to build an entire entertainment area around your house with intricate stonework, professional architecture, and unparalleled design for a high cost. Or you could just go for a basic fire pit that suits your needs and moderate budget. The choice is yours.

Where to Buy Quality Fire pit in Melbourne?

Most people love to spend their outdoors, and it’s, even more, better when it’s in the comfort of your own space. If you are looking to add a little more elegance and warmth with a fire pit, get in touch with Avantta Creations today. We’ve got a wide range of fire pit collection, in different sizes, shapes and designs for homes across Melbourne, Dandenong, and Rowville.