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How Custom Laser Cut Metal Screens Can Be Used in Melbourne’s Commercial Spaces for Style and Privacy

Metal privacy screens are one of the most used objects in homes and office spaces alike. What makes custom metal fabrication so popular? Custom metal fabrications have come a long way from providing privacy to being aesthetic statements in space. Here are a few ways of how decorative metal screens can be used in commercial spaces:

  • Separation: Privacy is important in a large office to increase productivity. Decorative laser cut screens made of metal can be used to divide large open spaces into offices while promoting openness. These custom metal fabrications can be used to divide the space into a private lounge area, employee kitchen, or an office space effectively. These screens are interlocked and the perforations in them allow light to pass through without compromising privacy.
  • Wall Panels: Walking along bland long corridors can be boring. Installing decorative laser cut metal screens can bring some additional imagery or décor to the otherwise deadness of the corridor. Moreover, custom metal screens make a powerful statement and can become the instant focal point of the space.
  • Sliding Screens: Flexible workspaces require walls that adapt to needs. Sliding metal screens can achieve this by making the spaces larger or smaller according to the current need. They are installed on sliding tracks and allow light to pass through. That way, the partitioned spaces do not become dark or overly lit while still providing enough privacy. The decorative metal screen can also be enhanced by an image printed on the panel.
  • Ceilings: Seating areas of large open space can look very plain and get very boring quickly for visitors. You need something to anchor the design so that space does not become sterile. Decorative metal screens that wrap onto the ceiling are an innovative way to bring life and excitement to a dull space. Additional imagery on the panel would improve the aesthetics further.
  • Suspended Panels: Highly contemporary designs often utilize wall hangings and suspended walkways. Making them using solid sides can block too much and look out of place in the overall scheme of things. Perforated metal screens can be used to line the sides of stairways and suspended walkways to make these elements merge well into the design of the space, without compromising on safety.
  • Coloured metal design: All metal decorative screens need not be grayscale, white or metallic in tone. Coloured metal can bring a lot of warmth or emotion to a contemporary conference room and catch an onlooker’s attention immediately.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Custom Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

Avantta Creations exudes luxury with every product offered. Our custom steel fabrication uses only the best materials that are durable and safe for the best user experience. Our collection of custom metal screens is a joy to behold and bring sophistication to every space. Avantta Creations is proud to offer the following services in Melbourne regarding metal screens:

  • Laser cut panels
  • Laser cut metal signs
  • Laser cut wall panels
  • Decorative metal screen panels
  • Custom metal laser cutting

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