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The Benefits of Exclusive & Luxury Side Tables from Avantta Creations in Melbourne

Functionality and comfort should be given more priority over aesthetics when decorating your home’s interior. Side tables are an essential addition for your bedroom and living room for complete relaxation and stress-free living space. A good side table keeps essentials at your reach, yet out of sight. Here are a few benefits of a side table that will make you consider buying one for your home in Melbourne:

  • Storage: Side tables give ample storage to keep your frequently used objects nearby. It could be the remote, a laptop, magazines, or gadgets, but it is always so convenient to have them whenever you want something quickly. Surface space is also beneficial as most side tables have rooms on the top. Night lamps are often kept on top of bedside tables whereas reading lights can rest on top of the side table accompanying your couch. Or you can keep a glass of water, your phone, books, etc on top. Anything goes.
  • Reduce Clutter: Having space to stash stuff means that the rest of the space would be less cluttered. A clutter-free room is a healthy and relaxing room. Moreover, it spares you the frustration of having to search for the remote control for your television or AC when it is easily accessible.
  • Style: Choosing the right-side table for your home décor complements and emphasizes the colours and aesthetics of the rest of the furniture in the room. For example, choosing a wooden bedside table with a similar colour scheme as your bed gives the appearance of the two as a connected entity, solidifying the visual appeal.

Types of Side Tables Offered at Avantta Creations in Melbourne

The main purpose of a side table is to ensure that essential items are within reach. The person might be sitting on a couch or a bed and it’s important that the side table should be compatible with the furniture that it accompanies. The height plays a major role in the functioning of a side table so that its usage does not become awkward. Moreover, side tables should not draw the attention of a visitor. it should match and complement the overall aesthetic of the room without being the focal point.

All these reasons suggest that you need a wide and appealing collection of side tables to peruse to install one in your living space. Avantta Creations offers a staggering array of exciting side tables for every home. Our furniture is designed by top designers in Australia and our collection of side tables includes:

  • Bedside tables
  • Small side table
  • White side tables
  • Outdoor side tables
  • Marble side tables
  • Sofa side tables
  • Metal side tables
  • Wooden side tables

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