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Planter Boxes for Sale in Melbourne – Outdoor Planter for Your Garden

Having an organized and beautifully maintained garden is everyone’s dream, and a little touch of greenery can go all the way. If you have plants and shrubs that grow vertically on the ground or looks good when placed together, then planter boxes are your best option.

These are mostly suited for outdoors and come in irregular sizes. They are long, narrow, and rectangular and sometimes come in different shapes too. Garden planter boxes are a great option especially if you have limited space, such as just a windowsill, or a small balcony, but still want to plant as many plants as possible. It will help you create a mini garden of its own in one box.

Types of Planter Boxes We Offer

Metal planters are affordable, neat and offer good depth to hold the potting mix, allowing the plants to grow well. These do not bend or warp even when heavy plants are planted in them. At Avantta Creations, we offer a range of planters at our store, made from top-quality Australian aluminium and steel. Depending on the type of plants you would like to grow, you can choose from our range of options. Some of them are:

Desktop Planters: These are small planters that are perfect to be kept near or on your desk or side table. They are made of steel and are durable and cost-effective.

Hex Planters: These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes and can carry heavy plants too! You can also choose whether you would like drain holes in the planter. It’s made from aluminium and comes in a variety of colours.

Pin Stackable Planters: If you are looking for something to hang on the walls of your home, a pin stackable planter is the perfect option. It comes with three individual planter boxes, and you can add a small pot in each of them.

Rectangle Planters: These are one of the most common planters you’ll notice in residential and commercial spaces. You can easily create a garden due to its depth as well as the abundance of space it provides. You can also opt for drain holes for your garden bed or directly place pots of plants within it.

Planters Vs Pots

• Planters can house many plants at the same time / Pots can only house one plant at a time
• Pots are generally small, and round / Planters are long, narrow, and often irregular in shape
• Pots can be used indoors, and outdoors / Planters are usually suitable for outdoors
• Pots take up a lot of space and the number of plants might be restricted / Planters allow you to plant multiple plants and can be used in a limited space

Bring Life to Your Place in Melbourne with a Modern Designer Planter Box

Are you someone who loves gardening but wants to try something different? Is lack of space stifling the inner gardener in you? Do not have enough time to water the plants yourself? Modern planter boxes are for you. Here are a few reasons why planter boxes bring life to your space:

Every drop counts: Most modern planter boxes are designed to self-water and conserve water. Their designs stop water leakage, seepage, or evaporation. Modern self-watering planter boxes slowly release water so that there is no excess to be drained, unlike traditional planters.

Handle with Care: Delicate and exotic species of plants can be hard to take care of. They usually need a steady dose of water, which can be tough on your schedule. Modern planter boxes are self-watering and release you from the stress of regulating water. Moreover, plants that cannot survive in harsh climates can be moved to the interiors without having to worry about water leakage or spilling.

Nutrition for Plants: In the case of traditional planters, nutrients can drain out with moving water. This problem is not present in modern planter boxes as the water is sucked up through the bottom, leaving the soil healthy.

Versatility: If you have lots of time to spend on gardening, or if you are a busy person with very little time, planter boxes can cater to every type of individual. You can still go on vacations as long as you fill the reservoir up to the top before leaving.

The root of the problem: Most traditional planters had the problem of uneven water available to the roots. This caused rotten roots and water stagnation. This issue is eliminated in modern planters as they distribute water evenly.

Why Avantta Creations is best for Planter Boxes?

• We have been in the industry for many years now and know how to make the best planter boxes for your needs
• You can find a wide range of planter boxes, in every size and shape at our store, designed to suit your needs
• We keep our prices at a competitive range to serve you better
• We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure superior-quality products

If you are looking for high-quality planter boxes at affordable prices in Melbourne, get in touch with Avantta Creations today. You can find planter boxes to suit all your needs at our store. Speak to our executive today to learn more about the types of planter boxes we offer.