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Classy & Luxury Glass Coffee Tables for Homes in Melbourne

No living room is complete without a classy looking coffee table. People in Melbourne are quickly realizing the benefits of luxury glass coffee tables and how a cool coffee table can affect their living space positively. If you don’t belong to that group, then here are a few reasons why should consider getting glass coffee tables for your home in Melbourne:

  • Universal design: Even though glass is often associated with modern and contemporary aesthetics, a glass coffee table can fit into most decoration patterns. A combination of glass and steel is considered classic and can be integrated into traditionally styled living rooms well and increase its beauty. It should not be expected of glass coffee tables to go along with vintage designs, but overall, they can fit in with most styles very well. Moreover, as glass is colourless, you needn’t worry about your coffee table not matching with your wallpaper or paint colour.
  • Durable: Now glass used in glass coffee tables are made of tempered safety glass, which is incredibly durable. Hence it can be used in most family homes, including ones with naughty kids.
  • Maintenance: Glass is extremely easy to clean and maintain. This has to be the best feature of glass coffee tables. You don’t have to worry about permanent stains or spills because it can all be wiped off smoothly and quickly.

Types of Glass Coffee Tables We Offer:

Glass is a versatile component of interiors and can go well with most furniture and décor. Avantta Creations offers an exciting range of glass coffee tables for every glass interior enthusiast in Melbourne. Our impressive range of glass coffee tables includes:

  • Glass top coffee table
  • Mirror coffee table
  • Black glass coffee table
  • Clear coffee table
  • Square glass coffee table
  • Oval glass coffee table

Coffee tables are one of the most used home furniture due to its versatility in function and aesthetic beauty. Make sure you have the best range of glass coffee tables in Melbourne to choose from, designed by the highly celebrated designers in Australia. Call us on 1800 988 340 to learn more about our exciting range of glass coffee tables. You can also submit an enquiry form via our contact page and our friendly and helpful staff will get back to you as soon as we can.