Linear Coffee Table Clear


Linear Coffee Table Clear

Product description: Let Avantta style your home with our Linear Coffee table Clear. Your linear black coffee table will invigorate your palette and allow you to present the room with style. Your Avantta created Linear black coffee table is created with black durable steel and an option for a marble tabletop or smokey tinted black glass.

Modern Style: Avantta has specifically designed this piece to accentuate the elegance of any living room, while simultaneously presenting the characteristics of beauty we are known for in our product line. Avantta is presenting two choices to select from with your Linear black table. Live like Roman royalty with our choice of marble or accelerate to modern times with a skilfully tinted glass table top.

Elegant design: Avantta uses quality materials for their collection and we know you wouldn’t want it any other way. The use of a glass top means what you place on your Avantta black table will always be the topic of discussion. Our table allows you to display your best pieces.

Perfect Assembled Design: Your Avantta created Linear Black Table will come pre-assembled in the box from factory. No labour required. Just place in your space and enjoy.

Home Decorations: The smokey tinted glass allows for endless possibilities in your home or office. Our fabricated metal is carefully crafted with your home in mind. Avantta wants you to create your own world and our products will ensure that you make the space you want to be in.

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Key Specifications

Dimensions: 800mm L x 800mm W x 400mm H

Steel Frame: With 10mm Tempered Clear Glass

Product Care Instructions: Clean your side table with a moist cloth and wipe it out with a dry cloth.

Content in Package: One Linear black Coffee table

Avantta declarations: We, at Avantta, promise to deliver 100% satisfaction to the customers with unique and incredible home décor designs. Upgrading your rooms, hallways, and entry gateways with this phenomenal tetra black coat rack give a modern architect luxurious look the entire home.

Moreover, we also offer tailored designs to upgrade your homes with a modern touch as per your needs. Luxury is what we at Avantta will be offering your space.

Always ensure your Linear black Coffee table is placed on flat ground to prevent any unbalance. Overloading on the Linear black Coffee table may cause damage.

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Weight 20 kg


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