Galaxy Curved Side Table


Galaxy Curved Side Table

The classic galaxy curved side table, ready with its elegant curved design, is perfect for enhancing the look of your room. The mesmerizingly phenomenal design offered by Avantta with smoked temper glass adds class to your urban homes. The sleeked and curved tabletop provides space for keeping your decorative items and flower vase with elegance to enhance the beauty of rooms.

Galaxy modern curve classic design: Avantta is the name of incredible architectures inspired by urbanization to decorate your homes with a unique and perfect touch to add speaking beauty in your spaces. The elegant yet delightful galaxy curved side table gives a signature look to your urban homes.

The elegant and stylish tabletop made of classic smoke tempered glass is beautifully based on the black steel frame with a perfect finish. The comprehensive galaxy curved side table offers perfect finish look to enhance the look of every corner of your home in a precise manner.

The simply elegant and classic modest size curved tabletop design with mirror shine adds perfect texture to your living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and other sweet corners of your house.

Estimated to dispatch in 10-14 working days.

Some relevant information

Key specifications

Brand name: Avantta

Dimensions: 500mm long x 500mm wide x 550 high

Glass: Tempered grey tinted glass

The thickness of glass: 10mm

Coating: Black smoky frame finish

Prime material: Steel and glass

Weight: 14 kg

Room type: Perfect for all types of rooms

Loads: Galaxy curved table design to carry heavy loads

Table care instructions: For long-term maintenance, avoid keeping the table in direct heat of the sun.

Always clean your table with a moist cotton cloth.

Try to avoid keeping scorching items directly on the tempered glass of the tabletop to prevent cracking.

Home décor galaxy curved side table

Avantta creation is the most promising name in adding a unique and classic touch to your urban houses and apartments with traditional décor items. The phenomenal and incredible smoky tempered glass finish stands upright with unique curved steel design to give your home a modern touch and enhance the beauty of your space.

We, at Avantta, ensure modern architectural touch with classic, elegant, and unique furniture designs with 100% satisfaction. Avantta brings modernization and urban feel to enhance the look of your house and give an urban touch with its custom-made designs. Let the corners of your beautiful home be decorated with the lovely and delicate touch of Avantta to make them speak with their ravishing beauty themselves.









Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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