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What Are Decorative Screens and How Can It Be Used Inside Offices in Melbourne?

Recent trends suggest that offices and commercial spaces are trying to adopt fantastic open and fluid spaces instead of rigid walls and windows. They help people to move around more and creates a freer and fluid workspace. This led to the usage of screens that divide spaces without affecting privacy. Screens are a great way to brighten up a place and highlight the design, reducing the use of walls. Decorative screen panels bring a lot of detail and artistry to an office, reception area, stairwell, or lobby. Here are a few ways in which decorative screens and panels can be used in a commercial or office space:

  • Screen backdrops: A screen can lighten up a blank and boring wall behind a receptionist desk by being a beautiful backdrop. Look for great custom decorative screens that complement and enhance the space.
  • Dividers for Kitchens: Decorative screens can be used to separate kitchen, lounge, and office space more easily compared to solid walls. Metals screens with perforations can be used so that it allows light to pass through without compromising on privacy. This creates the illusion of spaciousness while still providing adequate privacy. There are screens of different colours and shapes and the right one can be chosen to give the space a unique look.
  • Stairways: Stairwells often tend to be utilitarian and bland in design and are overlooked. This detracts from the rest of the space, and typical wall art cannot be used because the height of the wall is extremely high. The use of Decorative screen panels printed with a nice image makes the stairwell more of a focal point.
  • Sliding into view: Apart from providing the decoration, sliding decorative panels allows the space to be larger or smaller according to the need. Adaptive spaces are great for offices, offering privacy quickly when needed.

Types of Screens Offered at Avantta Creations:

Choose Avantta Creations for the best range of custom decorative panels designed using the best quality and durable materials, by Australia’s most prolific designers. Our fantastic range of decorative screens include:

  • Decorative garden screens
  • Decorative privacy screen
  • White room divider screen
  • Decorative window screen
  • Custom decorative screen

If you are in Melbourne, Dandenong, or Rowville, and are in the market for a decorative screen, Avantta Creations is here for you. Call us on 1800 988 340 right now to learn more about our exciting range of decorative screens.